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OpenDoorUkraine.NL is a public platform that supports businesses, humanitarian organisations, civil society actors and cultural players working with Ukraine. Its goal is to intensify contacts and increase understanding between the Netherlands and Ukraine.

Through its three thematic tables – economy, humanitarian affairs, and culture & civil society – OpenDoorUkraine.NL brings together actors and stakeholders from both countries, and helps them to identify partners and opportunities for their activities.

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Foto Meet Ukraine: A Celebration of Life

Meet Ukraine: A Celebration of Life

May 26, 2023 - Ukraine is so much more than the war that grips the country, indeed the war that grips all of Europe. With our exhibition of works by Ukrainian artists, we want to highlight an important positive side of Ukraine. We show paintings, photo’s and sculptures by six artists.

We also want to give the artists the space to tell their own story without being dictated by the war.

Join us at gallery De Twee Pauwen at Oranjestraat 1, 2514 JB in The Hague on Sunday, June 11 at 15:00. Let us remember that in a world of chaos and destruction, it is the beauty of art that reminds us of our shared humanity and gives us hope for a brighter tomorrow. See you there.

Foto Langs het spoor van Russische vernielingen. (Oorlogsdagboek Robert Serry, deel 7)

Langs het spoor van Russische vernielingen. (Oorlogsdagboek Robert Serry, deel 7)

February 09, 2023 - Voormalig ambassadeur en ODU-voorzitter Robert Serry is weer in Oekraïne om de lokale bevolking te helpen de winter door te komen. Hij volgt het spoor van de oorlog, die inmiddels ook een culturele strijd is geworden. ‘Het was surrealistisch om in de verse sneeuw de houten kruizen te zien die naast de open kuilen waren gezet waar slachtoffers van de Russische bezetting waren opgegraven.’


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Foto ODU organises “Ukraine knowledge conference” in The Hague

ODU organises “Ukraine knowledge conference” in The Hague

January 09, 2023 -

ODU-KNOWLEDGE · Dutch foundation OpenDoorUkraine.NL (ODU) will hold a special conference in The Hague on January 11 to assess the state of knowledge on Ukraine. Ukraine experts from universities and think tanks in the Netherlands and Flanders, including several Ukrainian scholars, have been invited for this confidential meeting.

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