ANBI status

The Dutch tax authorities have officially recognised the OpenDoorUkraine.NL Foundation (ODU) as a public benefit organisation (algemeen nut beogende instelling or ANBI). 

Under the ANBI status, donations to OpenDoorUkraine.NL are tax-deductible. Also, the foundation is exempted from taxes on gifts or inheritances that we would receive.

In accordance with ANBI status rules, you will find in this section the publication of required information on the ODU Foundation: 


- ODU Policy Plan 2022

- ODU Financial Year Report 2021

- ODU Activity Plan 2021

- ODU Highlights 2020

- ODU Financial Year Report 2020

- ODU ANBI standaardformulier 2021


- ODU Activity plan 2020
- ODU Highlights 2019
- ODU Financial Year Report 2019
- ODU Policy plan 2019-2021
- ODU Year budget 2019 (Jaarcijfers)


- ODU Renumeration policy (Beloningsbeleid)

Chamber of Commerce number (KVK): 73352888

RSIN number: 8594 79 742


Bank account:

  Stichting OpenDoorUkraine.NL

  IBAN: NL63ABNA0844191299

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