ODU organises “Ukraine knowledge conference” in The Hague

January 09, 2023

ODU-KNOWLEDGE · Dutch foundation OpenDoorUkraine.NL (ODU) will hold a special conference in The Hague on January 11 to assess the state of knowledge on Ukraine. Ukraine experts from universities and think tanks in the Netherlands and Flanders, including several Ukrainian scholars, have been invited for this confidential meeting.

The discussion will take place under the title “Mapping Ukraine expertise to help meet future challenges: How can our knowledge on Ukraine support reconstruction and reforms after the war?”


The brutal Russian invasion of February 24, 2022, has firmly and tragically put Ukraine on top of the news headlines for most of the past year. But how far does our understanding of Ukraine go? Are there gaps in our knowledge, and how can these be remedied?


Can better knowledge of Ukraine be mobilized to shape actions and policies that can help Ukraine overcome the damages of war and support its reconstruction and reform process? These are the issues that will be discussed during the meeting.


This event is organised by OpenDoorUkraine.NL in cooperation with the Clingendael Netherlands Institute of International Relations. It is supported by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the framework of the Russia & Eastern Europe Knowledge Alliance (REKA) administered by Clingendael.


As part of this project, ODU will present at the conference a summary bibliography of literature on Ukraine – books, reports, articles, novels, podcasts a.o. – that can provide basic information on Ukraine and the background to the present conflict. The bibliography will be posted on this website after the conference.


ODU considers knowledge of Ukraine to be crucial for the continuation of Western support to Ukraine as a free, democratic and sovereign country in the face of military aggression. We therefore hope that this project may lead to further follow-up initiatives to increase knowledge and understanding of Ukraine.


by Diederik Kramers

Photo: Depositphotos

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