Free online webinar by OpenDoorUkraine.NL on privatization in Ukraine

November 04, 2020

ODU - ECONOMY · How to privatize state-owned companies in Ukraine? OpenDoorUkraine.NL and the Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce and Industry will host a free online webinar on this issue for interested investors and businessmen from the Netherlands and beyond.
Register now via the conference webpage and join us at 15:00 on November 4 to discover exciting new business opportunities in Ukraine! 

This economic conference will focus on the privatization process in Ukraine following the adoption of the privatization law by parliament in September. The event will explain the legal and economic basis for the purchase of state-owned companies.
Our key speaker will be Dmitry Sennichenko, head of the State Property Fund of Ukraine. Timur Bondaryev, founding and managing partner of Ukrainian law firm Arzinger, will also address the meeting. 
The webinar "How to privatize state-owned companies in Ukraine?" is made possible thanks to support from Arzinger and the Ukrainian embassy in the Netherlands

Time: 15:00 on November 4, 2020.
Registration: via conference webpage