OpenDoorUkraine.NL supports Ukrainian civil society NGOs with two projects

Oktober 07, 2019

ODU - CIVIL SOCIETY · At its latest Board meeting in The Hague, OpenDoorUkraine.NL (ODU) has decided that, from now on, it will help to promote the empowerment of Ukrainian civil society. This new focus has been included in its mandate and has already resulted in a cooperation with Ukrainian NGOs on two projects.
ODU is now supporting two Ukrainian NGOs that have applied for funding from the Dutch government’s Matra programme, which promotes the transition towards pluralist and democratic societies in eastern and southeastern Europe. If these bids are successful, ODU will be the Dutch twinning partner in both projects for a two-year period as of early 2020.

The first project is an initiative of UN Global Compact Ukraine, a network that unites business around human rights, employment, environment, anti-corruption and the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Its plan is to launch an all-Ukrainian “GŠ¾Green Platform”, in order to promote a multi-stakeholders’ dialogue on environmental protection.

For the second project, the European-Ukrainian Energy Agency – a non-profit organization that promotes energy efficiency and renewable energy (f.ex. wind, solar, biomass) – aims to facilitate mid- and long-term reforms in Ukraine’s electricity sector, by introducing efficient mechanisms to protect the end-consumers’ rights and interests. This will help to increase Ukraine’s energy security and independence of Ukraine and to mitigate potential energy poverty risks.

ODU’s work with NGO’s and societal organisations in Ukraine will be covered under the “Civil society and Culture table”, alongside the existing Economic and Humanitarian tables.

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Photo by Vladimir Yaitskiy (Wikimedia)

(by Diederik Kramers)